Premiere of the In Touch performance
Premiere of the In Touch performance
Дата проведения:
October, 14
Center for Creative Projects Inclusion and the theater company Graeae
Место проведения:
The National Theater of Great Britain
Спектакль "Прикасаемые"
October 14, 2017 the premiere of the international version of the Touchables performance will be held at the National Theater of Great Britain. It tells about the communication between the deafblind people and the people who can hear and see. In November, premieres of the performance are planned to take place in Russia, at the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, and in France. The project is implemented by the Center for Creative Projects Inclusion and the theater company Graeae with the participation of the British Council and the Deaf-blind Support Foundation So-edinenie.
The first version of the Touchables performance was created in Moscow on the stage of the State Theater of Nations as part of the International Festival - School of Contemporary Art Territory. The premiere was successfully held on April 19, 2015. Since that moment the Touchables performance have been shown more than 30 times and many outstanding Russian actors - Evgeny Mironov, Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė, Anatoly Bely, Evgeny Tsyganov took part in it. The performance was nominated for the most prestigious Russian awards, including the Russian Theater Award Golden Mask.
Спектакль "Прикасаемые"
The artistic director of the theater company Graeae Jenny Seley was invited to create an international version of the play. She is co-directing the performance from the British side. In the international version of the Touchables performance on a par with famous Russian and British actors will take part five Russian, two British and one French deafblind actor.
The basis of the performance was the documentary stories of deafblind men and women from different countries, told with the help of the colloquial, sign language and the language of the dramatic theater. The characters of the play belong to different nationalities, generations, social strata and worldviews. The play explores the emotional "roller coaster" of being a human, shows how we build our lives, and what happens when two completely different worlds encounter and unite.
Спектакль "Прикасаемые"The main idea of the updated Touchables performance is equality, cooperation and active participation in the theatrical performance of all the characters of the play on the stage. Therefore, if in the first version all the performance the stories of the deafblind were told by staring actors, then in the international version all participants will become full-fledged storytellers.
One of the main lines of the play will be the stories of two deafblind people - Helen Keller, American writer, lecturer and political activist, and Olga Skorokhodova, the first deafblind woman in Russian science. On their example, one can observe how the attitude towards deafblind people in different parts of the world developed.
In the preparation for the show, all participants will be able to exchange experiences.Russian participants will learn about the organization of an accessible environment in the theater, which is actively developed by the National Theater of Great Britain. And the center of creative projects Inclusion will share with the foreign colleagues the technology for creating theTouchables performance and the unique work of the deafblind people on the stage.
The play will be performed in Russian, English, French and sign languages, with subtitles and audio-descript.Спектакль "Прикасаемые"
Jenny Seley, co-director: "I'm happy that I can work with such an extraordinary ensemble of actors, developing their shows, embracing new stories, including British deafblind actors. It is important for me to be a part of this cooperation, where a variety of communication is the basis of everything. And also this is a wonderful new task for Graeae - to understand the complexity of the sign language of the deafblind people and find ways to include it in the theatrical story. And, of course, it's always nice to return to the National Theater of Great Britain. "
Victoria Avdeeva, producer: "The original Touchables performance were created in order to raise awareness of deafblind people in Russia. But deafblind people are the least visible and least involved in professional cultural activities, not only in Russia, but also in the world. The play was an opportunity for deafblind actors to tell their story, and it influenced the development of inclusive theater in Russia. And now, transferring the Touchables to the UK, I'm very excited. Because we explore the very nature of communication outside of different cultures and languages".
Marina Krapivina, playwright: "In the British version of the play, the principle of equality will be observed - the deafblind characters will now themselves tell their stories. If earlier professional actors only performed auxiliary role of referents on behalf of deafblind people and verbally told  stories for them, now they will join in a dialogue with the characters, telling their own stories. In a word, it will be full-fledged cooperation and communication between the two worlds".
© Deaf-blind support foundation "Con-nection"
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