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About deafblind people in all languages of the world
About deafblind people in all languages of the world
09 October 2018
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About deafblind people in all languages of the world

On September 9, the International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference on the Problems of deafblindness "Getting New Knowledge and Practice Improvements" opened in Moscow.

About 70 young scientists from Russia, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany and other countries gathered to talk about their big and small achievements and to submit reports on practical work in various fields of science: psychology, pedagogy, medicine, physiology etc.

The deafblind themselves also take part in the event. It is important for them to know about new progressive approaches in science; it is vital for them to be aware of what is being done now in the field of the study of deafblindness. They have entire life ahead of them, which means that the range of possibilities for self-realization must be and will be much wider than it is now. Therefore, they are ready to tell about their life to all the world.

The scientific committee of the conference includes foreign experts from the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, the USA, Croatia and Russia, including well-known professor Dr. Jerry G. Petroff (USA) and Frank Kat (Netherlands). The conference involves three stages: acquaintance / teambuilding, presentation of participants' research in the field of deafblindness, and work in international groups on topical issues of theory and practice on deafblindness.

President of the deafblind support Charity Foundation "Con-nection" (“So-yedineniye") Dmitry Polikanov: "Very interesting conference, for the first time in this format. First, for young scientists, secondly, international, and thirdly – it takes place under the auspices of DBI (World Association of Deafblinds “Deafblind International”). It is amazing how many guys from different countries came to the conference. It's great that they found a common language, despite the fact that for many English is not a native one. The entire conference is held in English. This is also a sign of quality for us. And I really want to make friends during the conference, establish connections and think up of some of their international research projects that could then be implemented. In such a way community of young scientists is formed, which should deal with the problems of the deafblinds.

Member of the conference Martina Celizic, Croatia: "Due to the lack of special training and poor awareness in society, the development of deafblind children deserves special attention and serious pedagogical work. The training of such children is also complicated by side-effects. Often these are intellectual, motor disturbances. Our task is to make the deafblind children have a versatile and continuous experience that allows them to develop and expand their world view. The purpose of my presentation "What lessons do we teach?" - To study how teachers are fit to work with the deafblind children, which materials they use for this purpose."

Member Elisa Keesen, Germany: "My presentation ‘Basic psychological needs of people with congenital deafblindness’ is devoted to the effect of the basic psychological needs for development and the motivational activity of people with congenital deafness. In order to study this problem, the basic psychological needs of the deafblind people were united in one theory. On its basis, a work plan is created to achieve the well-being of such people in the social sphere. The theoretical part of the report is illustrated by quotations from interviews with experienced professionals in the field of deafblindness."

Participant Irina Filchagova, Russia: "The impression of the conference is very good. It is interesting to see so many researchers from different countries! You feel such excitement. I got acquainted with colleagues from Germany, Canada, Brazil. I have already heard the reports of colleagues, tomorrow is my turn to speak. Hopefully, my study ‘The peculiarity of self-esteem for the deafblind children of younger school-age’ will be helpful in solving problems in the field of deafblindness."

There are two more very busy days ahead. The conference will close on October 11.

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