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Conference of the "Breathing space" project
Conference of the "Breathing space" project
01 October 2018
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Conference of the "Breathing space" project

On September 28, in Moscow, a conference dedicated to the project "Breathing space" ("Peredyshka") was held: to results and prospects of the project with the participation of specialists, parents raising the deafblinds of children and professional families.

The conference was held on the basis of the faculty of correctional pedagogy and special psychology of the Moscow Social-Pedagogical Institute. The event was attended by students and teachers from several faculties of the Moscow Social-Pedagogical Institute, the Dean of the Faculty of Practical Psychology, deputy dean of the Faculty of Correctional Pedagogy and Special Psychology, the head and staff of the Community of the deafblinds families, professional parents and families of organization’s persons under care.

The conference was organized by the community of the deafblind families, one of the main activities of which is the prevention of social orphanhood among children with sensory and multiple developmental disorders.

At the event, the coordinator and psychologist of the project talked about the results of three years of work on the selection of professional parents and the organization of interaction between families, in which children and adults live, with simultaneous hearing and vision impairment and other multiple violations.

The "Breathing space" program provides an opportunity for families with disabled people to use the help of a specially trained professional family, for the time entrusting her with the care of a blind person to an adult or child. Each family bringing up a child with combined hearing and vision impairment has 360 hours of "Breathing space" program per year at its disposal. The volume of services provided by the Community can be used in any format at the will of the parents: 8 hours per week, day or two per month, 15 days at a time.

For professional parents, the conference has become a platform for sharing experiences. Professional parents - Venera Kuznetsova, Elizaveta Korchagina, Kristina Barynina, Lyudmila Adinskova and Darya Kovaleva – have been involved in the "Breathing space" project, which support children and adults with deafblindness and other multiple developmental disorders.

Families using professional parents also took part in the conference. They expressed their gratitude for the help, stressing the great importance of the project and the support of professional parents. Receiving "Breathing space", parents can take urgent business, go to a doctor or just relax, and the child learns to communicate with new people, gets new impressions. This simple kind of help helps to maintain healthy relationships, reduce psychological tension in the family and improve the quality of its life, since care for a disabled person with special needs requires a lot of effort from parents and other family members and sometimes takes almost all of the time.

The project participants also offered several ideas on how to improve the quality of communication between professional parents with children using alternative means of communication and severely restrained in their self-sufficiency.

The students who took part in the conference expressed their desire to become volunteers of the family of the families of the deafblind and work in the project "Breathing space". They are to be trained at the School of Professional Parents in the spring of 2019.

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