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Deaf-blind people learned Chinese painting technic
Deaf-blind people learned Chinese painting technic
14 July 2015
The first workshop on Chinese painting Wu-Xing was held for deaf-blinds in the office of the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie on July, 14. The lesson was led by the head of Wu-Xing school Andrey Scherbakov and a teacher of this school – Inessa Aleshina.

People with simultaneous vision and hearing impairments learned the basics of unique technic Wu-Xing – technic of five strokes that symbolize different elements and which combination can help to paint almost any picture: scenery, still life, animals, hieroglyphs.

During the first lesson blind and deaf students painted bamboo and a tree with the help of brush and paints.

Results of this experimental workshop would be analyzed by specialists in order to develop the course of Chinese painting and implement it into deaf-blind leisure time centers in the regions.

Andrey Scherbakov, the head of the Wu-Xing school is content with the workshop results: “It’s my first experience of work with deaf-blind people. The question of internal personal feelings is in the core of Wu-Xing painting idea, and deaf-blind people have such feelings in even larger scale. I liked reaction of deaf-blind students, they are interested to feel new elements and energy, they like to communicate with each other during the workshop. The result impressed everybody: deaf-blind people managed to learn basic technics faster than seeing and hearing people do as the last ones are always afraid to make a mistake”.

The idea of Wu-Xing painting lies in the understanding of nature laws with the help of a brush and development different functions of perception. Such painting doesn’t impose rules. Author is free in his\her choice of art instruments, surfaces and themes.

Wu-Xing painting lesson is not the first attempt to teach deaf-blinds art in the Fund So-edinenie. Earlier within laboratories for social and cultural rehabilitation there were workshops on painting with aroma paints.
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