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International Day of Deafblindness was celebrated in Moscow
International Day of Deafblindness was celebrated in Moscow
29 June 2015

On 27 June 2015 the Fund So-edinenie celebrated the International Day of Deafblindness at the Garage, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The event was attended by people with simultaneous hearing and vision impairments as well as by ordinary visitors of the museum.

At the beginning of the day the results of the literary contest among deaf-blinds, called «We came into this world, not choosing the roads",  were summed up. It was organized by the Fund So-edinenie in partnership with the All-Russian Blind Society, the newspaper Literaturnaya Gazeta and Maxim Gorky Literature Institute.

The winners were presented with laptops, tablet PC and smartphones. They also got an opportunity to participate in European Deaf-blind Week to be held in August 2015. After rewarding the actors of Prikasaemye Yevgeny Tsyganov, Julia Khamitova and Ekaterina Sahno read a competitive poems that have been duplicated in sign language specifically for the deaf-blind guests.

Then the visitors could join the «Day of new sensations» at the Garage museum. Together with deaf-blind people, they took part in creative workshops on mandalas wickerwork, clay modeling, working with a pottery wheel. Some visitors got interested in sign language and fingerspelling workshops. In a short time they managed to learn different ways of communication with deaf and deaf-blind people.

At the end of the day deaf-blind participants of the event got acquainted with an unusual musical instrument - Hang.


The musician made it possible for people with  vision and hearing impairments to feel the music through vibrations, putting the instrument on the knees. Thus, deaf -blinds were able to feel the power of music.

Dmitry Polikanov, the President of the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie said: "In the Year of Literature in Russia, we decided to hold a creative contest among deaf-blind people. We are glad that we've got works from nearly 20 regions of our country. Moreover, many essays, stories, sketches and poems - are made at a very high level. The jury faced a difficult job, especially that the applications were considered by deaf-blind experts and our partners. In the nearest time we'll publish a part of received works. Also today, in Garage museum, there were interesting workshops, which became a good fun for both deaf-blind and seeing and hearing guests. And everyone liked Hang — the instrument, that allows to feel vibration".

Mikhail Ilyinyh, a deaf-blind: "I liked the celebrating program of Day of Deafblindness: both the reading of poems and workshops, but I was particularly interested in the wonderful musical instrument - Hang. I'd like to learn how to play it".

Annually in many countries of the world, events in honor of Helen Keller's birthday - a world-famous American deaf-blind writer, lecturer and politician, are held. Helen Keller (1880-1968) became the first deaf-blind person, who has received bachelorhood at the University. She managed to overcome difficulties caused by simultaneous hearing and vision impairments, to write more than ten books, to become an activist and philanthropist.



In the International Day of Deafblindness the Fund So-edinenie announced about presenting of 1400 gift cards with nominal value of 500 rubles, provided by a store network Perekrestok of X5 Retail Group (within the corporate footprint), to all deaf-blinds who took part in Russian Census.

Literary Contest Winners

Nomination "Sketch"

1st place - Kremenetskiy M.Y. "My first mountain pass" (Astrakhan Region)

2nd place - Elfimov V.P. "Remembering father ..." (Novosibirsk region)

3rd place - Rachkin V.I. "Her parallels" (Perm Territory)

Nomination "Story"

1st place — Demyanenko N.A. "The experience of communication" (St. Petersburg)

2nd place - Shumikhina N.A. "Twins" (Kirov Region)

3rd place - Tsurov H.M. "In Search of the Truth" (Astrakhan region)

Nomination "Essays"

1st place — Malofeeva L.G. "Love" (Udmurt Republic)

2nd place - Vasilieva V.F. "We came into this world, not choosing the roads ..." (Orenburg region)

3rd place — Mikhailova V.I. "My loyal and reliable friend" (Tomsk Region)

Nomination "Poetry"

1st place — Voloh E.V. (Moscow)

2nd place - Pankratova V.V. (Tyumen region)

3rd place - Gildeev V.Y. "My place in life" (Sverdlovsk region)
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