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One more city joined the educational project for deafblind
One more city joined the educational project for deafblind
15 August 2017


The fourth Russian training center for deafblind people was opened and successfully started on the basis of the Tyumen Regional Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation Pyshma. The opening of the center was made possible through the cooperation of the Pyshma center with  the Deaf-blind Support Foundation So-edinenie.
As the head of the Pyshma Center Alla Luzina notes, the training center will help to expand the deafblind people's access to the information space, help them socialize and integrate into modern society. People with simultaneous hearing and visual impairment require increased attention in the training, that's why only two people take part in the classes on each course.
The first students of the training center in July were Olga Demakova and Irina Smirnova from the Chelyabinsk region. In early August, a 40-year-old Tyumenian Alexander Zavyalov and a 57-year-old Chelyabinsk citizen Natalya Zalevskaya visited the center for training.
During their stay in the center (until August 21) they will be taught how to work with the Braille display, Jaws, Microsoft Office programs, social networks, Skype and e-mail. In addition, they will study the system of orientation in space and will receive psychological support, told in the development department of the Tyumen region.


Deafblindness is one of the most complex forms of disability. The whole life of a person is surrounded by darkness, and contacts with the outside world are possible mainly through tactile sensations. According to the All-Russian Census of the Deafblind, in which the Tyumen Region participated as a pilot site in 2015, about 20 people in the region are deaf and blind at the same time.
In the Tyumen region, the center for medical and social rehabilitation Pyshma is the methodology center for rendering social assistance to such people. Since 2015, Pyshma has been actively cooperating with  the Deaf-blind Support Foundation So-edinenie (Moscow). As part of their joint work in the Tyumen region, the direction of socialization of people with simultaneous visual and hearing impairments is developing.
With the support of the fund, the staff of Pyshma were trained to teach computer literacy for deafblind people using dactyl, and training the basics of tiflo-surdo communication. Since 2015, in Pyshma, with the support of the foundation, works a leisure center for deafblind people. Amoung the activities of the leisure center, which took place in June and August - a river tour  by motor ship and a one-day trek.
In 2016, on the basis of Pyshma, an interregional project Mother's School was implemented, in which eight families raising children with simultaneous visual and hearing impairments from different regions (Chelyabinsk, Smolensk, Togliatti and other cities) took part.
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