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So-edinenie — a participant of The Road of Good Deeds
So-edinenie — a participant of The Road of Good Deeds
20 July 2015
On the weekend, July 18-19, the festival The Road of Good Deeds took place in Moscow-area village Ateptsevo, which was attended by the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie. A field in a picturesque corner of the Moscow region became the platform for the festival. The purpose of the event is to revive interest in classical music and Russian culture, to unite best musicians and to draw attention to the charity.

So-edinenie included in its area an exhibition and a charity fair of felt toys and decorative ceramics made by deaf-blind people. There were handicraft workshops, mandalas wickerwork and creating of beaded jewelry organized. All guests could hear and literally touch the sound and vibration of unusual musical instrument - Hang.

As part of the festival music program, a student of Sergiyev Posad children's home for deaf-blinds  - Anastasia Ilyina  - came to the big stage and sang two soulful songs about Russian life and orthodox faith. Deaf-blind designer Gennady Alyapin stood out with Latin-American dances. The recitation of famous deaf-blinds — Irina Povolotskaya and Olga Skorokhodova - became the most sincere and touching moment for the festival visitors.

An actress of Prikasaemye stage play Julia Khamitova read poems aloud and at the same time Galina Ushakova and Alexander Zhizhin were interpreting the whole expression of her words in sign language.

Creative people with simultaneous hearing and vision impairments became a great revelation for all: the girls from Iva Nova group wanted to meet Anastasia Ilyina, and Svetlana Surganova took with her the poems of deaf-blind poets.
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