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The European Rehabilitation and Culture Week for Deaf-blind People opened in Moscow region
The European Rehabilitation and Culture Week for Deaf-blind People opened in Moscow region
03 August 2015
On August, 3, there was an opening ceremony of the European Rehabilitation and Culture Week for Deaf-blind people. This year Russia for the first time hosts such a large international event for people with simultaneous vision and hearing impairments. The European Week is organized by the Fund So-edinenie and is carried out under support of company Serverstal, Government of Moscow region, All-Russian Blind Society and Society of deaf-blind social support Elvira.

In one of the hotels of Novaya Kupavna in Moscow region where the opening of the European Week took place gathered 200 people from different countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Kazakhstan and, of course, Russia. Master of ceremony told its participants about eventful program: numerous excursions along Moscow and Moscow region, visits to special rehabilitation centers for people with simultaneous vision and hearing impairments, stage play Prikasaemye (Touchable) in which deaf-blind actors participate, ceremonial dinner and many other things.

After that the president of the Deaf-blind Support Foundation So-edinenie Dmitry Polikanov awarded the winners of the literary contest called “We came to this world, not choosing the roads”. The winners who had an opportunity to participate in the European Week received laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The very first day many participants got acquainted with each other regardless language barrier: all events of the European Week were interpreted into other languages and accompanied by audio description and sign language translation.

Deaf-blind participant from Belgium, Tina, shared her impressions after the first day: “I learned about European Week from the Helen Keller’s Club – Belgium union of deaf-blind people. I participated in EuroWeeks previous times: in Norway in 2007, for example. I wanted to see Moscow and eventful program of the Week interested me even more: we visited places for deaf-blinds in Russia, we will have excursions. And I’d like to see miniature horses”. Such mini-horses are used in some countries as leading animals for blind people.

Tuula, deaf-blind participant from Finland, also visits EuroWeek not for the first time: “A year ago I visited Hungary and this year received invitation to Russia and came here for the first time. I dreamt to get acquainted with our neighboring country and its capital. And I’m glad to meet deaf-blind people from all Europe.”

Angelina, deaf-blind from Italy, told us that she works a lot with Deaf-blind European Union where she learned about coming events in Russia: “I’d like to meet new deaf-blind people and go along Moscow river on a boat and see the Red Square”.

The European Rehabilitation And Cultural Week Of The Deafblind People, ERCW, has being carried out annually since 1997 and was hosted by France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland etc.
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