Working group of Expert board
Lidia Abramova
Vice President All-Russian public organization of disabled people All-Russian Red Flag Blind Society 
Tatiana Basilova
Head of the Special Psychology Department, Clinical and Special Psychology Faculty, Moscow Municipal Psychological and Pedagogical University
Alexey Gusev
Head of the Innovation Infrastructure Service, Russian Venture Company
Vladimir Yelfimov
a deaf-blind expert, Novosibirsk
Natalia Krel
Head of the Working integration group of the Commission for provision of life support for children and women among disabled people, Russian Federation Presidential Council on Disabled people needs
Veronika Leontieva
Coordination Center for work with deaf and hard-of-hearing people, Department for Church Charity and Social Services, Moscow Patriarchate of Russian Orthodox Church
Andrey Markov
a deaf-blind expert, St Petersburg
Anna Nesterova
Deputy Director for Social Projects, Agency for the Strategic Initiatives of new projects promotion
Alexander Suvorov
Leading Research Associate, Laboratory for Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Special Life-Long Education for Children and Youth with developmental special needs, Moscow Municipal Psychological and Pedagogical University
Kira Afonina
Deputy Director, Department for Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
Marina Gordeeva
Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Support of Children in Difficult Life Conditions
Venera Deniskina
Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory of Teaching Methods for Blind and Visually-impaired Children, Institute of Special Education, associate professor of corrective pedagogics and special education, Academy of Qualification improvement and re-training of educators
Stanislav Ivanov
Vice President, All-Russian Deaf Society
Alexander Kuznetsov
expert, Scientific and Clinical Center of Otolaryngologyи
Alexey Lyubimov
Research Associate, Institute of Special Education
Yelena Mikhailova
Ph.D., Vice Rector of the Faculty of Distant Education, Dean of distant education department, The Wallenberg Institute for Special Psychology and Pedagogics
Irina Salomatina
Associate Professor, Institute of Special Education
Artyom Shadrin
Director, Department of Innovative Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

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