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Education and science
Education and science

Program aims at development of pilot educational programs for deaf-blind and for specialists who work with them, revive scientific and pedagogical schools.

Create conditions to revive scientific and pedagogical schools in the field of deaf-blindness research and create sustainable system of knowledge transfer, among other things for new national deaf-blind education programs development.
  • Competitions, conferences, seminars and other events for scientists, deaf-blind work specialists, students
  • Digitizing of Zagorsky experiment records and creation of electronic library of knowledge
  • Support scientific research among other thing through a system of grants
  • Work with archives – searching, digitizing of archives and placing materials in the Internet. Basing on the found materials prepare collection of works of I.A.Sokolyanskiy, A.I.Mescheryakov and A.V.Yarmolenko.
  • Prepare museum exhibition of deaf-blindness problem study in Russia, museum exhibition in Sergiev-Posad orphanage dedicated to deafblindness study in Russia will open in September and will be interesting to speech pathologists, specialists who work with deaf-blind and those who is interested in this field. 
  • Book publishing – work with scientists and experts who study thyphlo-sign-interpretation and problems of deaf-blindness and publish collection of works and monography. Works, published by the Fund are preliminary discussed with a group of editors and pass open and closed editing.
  • Publication of collection DBI Review – Russia, selection and publication of the most topical works on deaf-blindness written by foreign experts 
  • Creation of electronic Fund library – collection and search of the most topical scientific expert materials in English and Russian languages 
  • Organize research and practice conferences, seminars, scientific meetings – carry out one scientific conference on deafblindness topic, organize issue-related seminars and round-tables. 
  • Events for young scientists: organize summer and winter schools, webinars, study tours, carry out program Mentors and students, competitions and trainings for students, post-graduates and young specialists
  • Courses for specialists’ qualification improvement
  • Create association of universities which train specialists to work with deafblindness problems.

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