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Regional development
Regional Development

During 2015-2016 Foundation united successful projects and initiatives to help deafblind people and replicate it in many regions of the Russian Federation. By the end of 2016, information was received about more than 3,000 deafblind people in the Russian Federation, 37 leisure centers and 4 escort services was working, more than 60 training seminars were conducted and more than 300 specialists were trained.

Program goals
  • Improving the system for identifying the needs of deafblind people;
  • Development of individual progress strategies for each deaf-blind man;
  • Improving regional centers for support of deafblind people and opening new centeres;
  • Distribution of successful projects to help deafblind people in the regions of the Russian Federation: typhlo-surdo support services, leisure centers, training of the typhlo-surdo support and translation specialists;
  • Prevention of social orphanhood;
  • Comprehensive support for relatives of deafblind people, providing a full range of medical, educational, rehabilitation services for children with simultaneous hearing and visual impairment.
Activities of the program
  • Continuation of the All-Russian Census of Deafblind People with the help of medical institutions and institutions of medical and social expertise;
  • Creating the individual progress strategy for each deaf-blind man and control over its implementation;
  • Training seminars for representatives of regional NGOs to find reliable partners;
  • Training courses on the program "Bases of tiflosurdocommunications" (1,2,3 educational modules);
  • Opening of new and development of the existing leisure centers;
  • Opening of the support services for deafblind in the regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Opening of new centers for the employment of deafblind in the regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Purchase of technical means of rehabilitation for deafblind people;
  • Implementation of the "Breathing space" program for children and adults;
  • A series of practical video courses and webinars for parents and professionals, the organization of legal support for parents, the psychological support of the family.
  • Holding winter and summer schools for trustees of the fund where they can acquire the skills necessary for independent life
  • Providing deafblind people with medical, consulting and diagnostic assistance, assistance in purchasing special medical rehabilitation equipment

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