Fund projects
"Family and Society" PROGRAM PROJECTS
  • System of legal assistance – legal consultations on different issues of disabled people rights  (passing medical social expertise, receiving disability status, receiving technical rehabilitation means etc.)
  • Medical and diagnostic help (project of Consulting Diagnostic Center) – organize consultations in the leading specialized centers, carry out full medical research range, provide with medicines 
  • Preparation of special interpreters for deaf-blind – development of education modules and provision of education courses 
  • Volunteers movement – form active group of Fund volunteers 
  • Program of parents' support – create community, group trainings, online and video courses, individual rehabilitation programs 
  • Resource center – multifunctional sight of support for deaf-blind and their families
  • Association of parents and family members of deaf-blind people – interregional communicative sight
  • Service of assistance – possibility to order certified specialists and taxi services to fulfill daily needs of deaf-blind (assistance in public transport, hospitals, social services, during the walks etc.)
  • Service of interpretation – services for group events (interpretation, accompaniment) of deaf-blind communities and Fund
"Enabling technologies 2.0" PROGRAM PROJECTS
  • Create innovative international community of scientists, developers, projects, technical companies in the field of rehabilitation and medicine.
  • Launch innovative projects on technical rehabilitation means (for people with vision and hearing impairments) development.
  • Create and implement accessible environment for people with vision and hearing impairments.
  • Participate in the international projects in the fields of Genetics and cell technologies, Bio-engineering, Neurophysiology, Neurointerfaces and robot technology.
"Regional development" PROGRAM PROJECTS
  • Leisure time centers for deaf-blind – work as centers which attract deaf-blind people and provide them with an opportunity of alliance, information and impressions exchange. There they can practice arts, visit theatres and museums, go on tours to nearby cities, carry out creative competitions and sport events.
  • Magazine Vash Sobesednik (Your dialogue partner) – is the only one magazine today in Russia for deaf-blind people and an important communicative sight for deaf-blind community. Magazine is constantly improving, opens new columns. Project goal is to attract attention of the society and state to people with simultaneous loss of vision and hearing, tell about their life, hobbies, and bittersweets of daily life.
  • Education courses for deaf-blind people – the Fund finances educational projects aimed at social rehabilitation of deaf-blind people. In the House for Deaf-blinds (Puchkovo), organized by community Elvira, deaf-blind people are taught computer literacy, Braille, space orientation, everyday skills. Under the Fund support were organized courses of computer literacy in Moscow on the basis of Creative Union Krug (Circle) and in the nearest future will be opened courses in the regions: Kazan, Makhachkala, Saint-Petersburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-na-donu, where deaf-blind people will learn to use computer, Internet and gain opportunity to communicate, study and work.
  • Creative art of deaf-blind – a project that gives deaf-blind people an opportunity to reveal oneself in creative art. Our deaf-blind actors participate on stages of different festivals, learn to paint in Chinese style Wu-Xing, write poems and stories, do sports and participate in regional and international competitions: mountain skiing, roller-skates and rock climbing became accessible to them! They play in sport board games, checks, chess, darts etc. And from September will start going into sambo and judo!
  • Employment and support of manufactures – this direction will be developed.
  • Employment agency – Information from Individual Rehabilitation Program will provide an opportunity to create data base of resumes of deaf-blind people and help them to get employed spreading this information among employers and HR agencies. This program will search for employment opportunities for deaf-blinds.
  • Tactile zoo – in Izhevsk under the Fund So-edinenie support was opened first Russian Tactile Zoo, the main goal of this project is to reconstruct right image of animals for blind and visually impaired people and bring up love to nature.
  • Touristic journeys – interesting and informative excursions along Russia and along the world, sanatorium-resort treatment in Russia for specific diseases.
  • The 'Touch-ables' inclusive acting project.
"Science and Education" PROGRAM PROJECTS
  • Work with archives – searching, digitizing of archives and placing materials in the Internet. Basing on the found materials prepare collection of works of I.A.Sokolyanskiy, A.I.Mescheryakov and A.V.Yarmolenko.
  • Prepare museum exhibition of deaf-blindness problem study in Russia, museum exhibition in Sergiev-Posad orphanage dedicated to deafblindness study in Russia will open in September and will be interesting to speech pathologists, specialists who work with deaf-blind and those who is interested in this field.
  • Book publishing – work with scientists and experts who study thyphlo-sign-interpretation and problems of deaf-blindness and publish collection of works and monography. Works, published by the Fund are preliminary discussed with a group of editors and pass open and closed editing.
  • Publication of collection DBI Review – Russia, selection and publication of the most topical works on deaf-blindness written by foreign experts.
  • Creation of electronic Fund library – collection and search of the most topical scientific expert materials in English and Russian languages.
  • Organize research and practice conferences, seminars, scientific meetings – carry out one scientific conference on deafblindness topic, organize issue-related seminars and round-tables.
  • Events for young scientists: organize summer and winter schools, webinars, study tours, carry out program Mentors and students, competitions and trainings for students, post-graduates and young specialists.
  • Courses for specialists’ qualification improvement.
  • Create association of universities which train specialists to work with deafblindness problems.
  • All-Russia census of the deaf-blind.
  • Documentaries about deaf-blind people.
  • Legal consultation "hotline" for dead-blind
  • Raise the awareness of the general public about the needs and issues pertaining to the deaf-blind people.

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