Deafblindness is a unique disease under which people have the maximum of possible limitations of main living abilities (ability for self-care, orientation, education, communication, work etc).

April 8, 2014

The Deaf-Blind Support Foundation «Con-nection» was established at the meeting of the National Council of the Strategic Initiatives Agency under the guidance of the Russian President V.V.Putin.

The Deafblind support foundation «Con-nection» is active in the development and integration of the successful solutions and practices that give deafblind people the opportunity for self-realization, development, and integration into society.

Foundation goal

Systematic changes in the field of support and social integration of people with simultaneous impairment of vision and hearing.

The history of the deafblind people support in Russia

The Foundation Board of trustees, headed by the President, Chairman of the Sberbank Russia Board – G. Gref,  – include: business representatives (V. Vekselberg, A. Mordashov, S. Chemezov etc.), people of art (S. Bezrukov, E. Mironov, V. Gergiev), representatives of expert community and state (N. Daykhes, M. Topilin, T. Golikova etc.)

Programs of the Foundation

Science and education  

Creation of educational programs for deaf-blind people and specialists who work with them

Regional development

Unification of the successful regional projects and initiatives to help deafblind people all over the Russian Federation

Informing and engaging

Building communication between society and the deaf-blind, attracting volunteers


Take a look at how our activities are developing: improving the quality of social support and rehabilitation of deafblind people, scientific activities and training of specialists in the field of deafblindness, unique technical devices